"All Better Now" Antiseptic Spray
"In a series of digging events, the palm of my hand was left with a massive blister/wound that went down three levels of skin to raw flesh. My hand was inflamed, swollen and the sore was extremely irritated and painful. I could not even close my hand. I was given an antiseptic spray, created by All About Tranquility, and literally, within hours, the blister had lost half of its redness, the soreness was nearly gone and I could actually bend my hand. By the end of the day, I had full use of my hand and an exterior drying circle had already formed around the wound, signaling the healing had begun - all in an 8 hour day! Each day by using the miraculous spray, this massive blister shrunk in half, skin rejuvenated, and I was completely healed in a week's time. I will use this spray for all future cuts, abrasions and wounds from now on. Thank you All About Tranquility - what a wonder spray you have!"
- Lisa W - South Lake Tahoe, California

"Friday and Sunday evening is Tranqui-l-Tea night. After a stressful week of work a nice soak in Tranqui-l-Tea is like a small vacation. Sunday evening I have usually played pretty hard with bike riding or hiking so it's time to get my body back in shape for work. It's a vicious cycle that seems to keep repeating itself but with great rewards. I love it. Thanks!"
- Toni B - South Lake Tahoe, California

"I keep a purse-size bottle of Purify in my purse and use it daily. I like the creamy, moisturizing feel of it instead of the alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and it doesn't dry my hands out. Thank you for coming up with such a great product!"
- Kay, Olympia, WA

"I received my box of goodies today and had to let you know what a treat it was to open it up and smell the faint, fresh, healing aroma. Everything was packed with such care. Had I not been so excited to check out each item, I wouldn't have disturbed it. My favorite item is Mist Away. I use it on everything - door knobs, light switches, faucets, toilet flushers, shopping cart handles. It has a fresh smell and doesn't take my breath away."
- Jeannette, Tumwater, WA

"My nails are stronger and healthier since I have been using your nail butter. It feels so nourishing and smells amazing."
- Nancy, Olympia, WA

"I have receding gums and most tooth pastes are too harsh for me to use. I tried your tooth powder and won't use anything else now. My teeth feel clean and smooth. I'm now ready to order it in a larger quantity. The small container is great for travel. Thank you!"
- Bee, Seattle, WA

"I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Be Well lavender vanilla bar soap. You told me that it had a wonderful, soft feel and that it cleaned well. But I was still happily surprised when I tried it this morning in the shower. It felt so natural and left my skin feeling very nourished. I took my experience one step further and used it as a shampoo, thinking, "what have I got to lose?" I gave my hair a very gentle lather, rinsed, then lathered lightly again. The second time I had rich, full suds and when I rinsed, I heard the "squeak" of clean, well-rinsed hair. My fingers slipped right through my hair with no tangles, so I decided to skip conditioner and see what the results would be. I blew dry my hair dry after it air dried a bit. What I was left with was a lot of body and soft, clean hair. It reminded me of what my hair felt like as a young child."
- Claire, Walnut Creek, CA

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