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Springtime and Essential Oils - March 26, 2017

Springtime and Essential Oils

Springtime, what a wonderful time for awakening our senses! Did you know that aromatherpy can help you acheive personal comfort and relaxation? The very birth of a seed is where the aromatherapy magic begins. Like with all plants, the location and climate are two of the most important factors in the high quality and high quanity of the crop. Distillation is the next important step to acheive the highest quality and highest yield of essential oil. If either of these factors is off balance, it will ruin the entire yield. The farmer's and producer's of the world's essential oils have spent generations learning their trade and we are all the benefactors of their life's work. We thank them for that work and dedication to making it better. Essential oils are Aromatherapy!

All About Tranquility can offer you a blend to keep the mosquitoes from biting and with all the rain we've had you can bet they are already active! Try our "Stop Bugging Me," insect spray, or if you have a stressful life, consider "Scents of Calm," spray, if you are suffering from aching muscles and joints, give our "Ache Be Gone," massage oil a good try. Linda our Certified Aromatherapist, makes the Arnica Oil used in Ache Be Gone herself by infusing Arnica herbs and sweet almond oil in the sun for six weeks before she adds the active and effective essential oils that temporarily reduce the inflammation and therefore reduce the pain levels.

Enjoy the springtime, enjoy aromatherapy and get outdoors and experience nature, that alone will reduce stress! Happy Springtime!

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