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Aromatherapy, is it for you? - February 22, 2012

Holistic aromatherapy is the ancient practice in which essential oils are used to promote health & well being for the body mind and spirit. This practice dates back in world history to 3000BC.

Today, we find aromatherapy becoming a widely practiced therapy as a complement to standard practice. Aromatherapy is used for many different reasons for example, to help us de-stress, sleep better and create an atmosphere of tranquility after a hectic day. Relaxation is one of the primary purposes of many essential oils. Aromatherapy is used in respiratory relief, digestive relief, and for muscular relief. It helps decrease the symptoms of acne, it can be used to relieve a headache or quiet a cough.

We are proud to use organic and natural ingredients in the creation of our different essential oil blends such as "Purify" our lotion-based hand sanitizer, and "Mist Away" our antiseptic aroma spray. How about protecting your family from mosquito bites using "Stop Bugging Me," (spray or lotion) and "Stop Itch," for the bites that do exist. When you've reached the end of your rope, try reaching for "Scents of Calm" aroma spray to regain control of your emotions. Give aromatherapy a try today and discover a whole new natural world.

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