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What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is defined as the use of essential oils, aromatic herbs and plants for their therapeutic properties. We subscribe to a holistic approach to aromatherapy. This encompasses the whole body, the mind and the soul, focusing on the complete well being of the individual. The use of these aromatic materials is recorded throughout history for thousands of years. In Aromatherapy, we use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils obtained from various plant materials such as flower petals, needles and stems, leaves, bark, seeds, nuts, fruit, roots and woods. These materials are painstakingly and carefully distilled, extracted and macerated in different methods to obtain the very best & highest quality essential oils. This is vital to your safety as they are potent, volatile and can be potentially sensitizing or toxic if used incorrectly.

Aromatherapy is a complement, not an alternate to conventional health care. Together your certified aromatherapists, professional health care advisor and you can work as a team. You become a part of the decision process in a holistic aromatherapy strategic plan.

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