About Us

Dennis & Linda Liebl, Proprietors
P.O. Box 537
Cloverdale, CA 95425
Phone : (707) 894-9095
Email : Info@AllAboutTranquility.com

Business Hours : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST Monday - Friday

All About Tranquility is a long-term vision of Linda Liebl that began to become a reality in September 2005. The objective was to create a store and web business based on the concept of providing products that relax, heal and calm all five of the senses. Linda is a trained and Certified Aromatherapist, a graduate of American College of Health Sciences.

Mission Statement

The Mission of All About Tranquility is to promote relaxation and feeling good by providing high quality products and proven services that will surround and elevate all five senses.

Business Philosophy

Making a difference in people's lives through the use and enjoyment of Aromatherapy and Tranquility products.

The Vision

At All About Tranquility we offer a holistic complementary approach to standard wellness programs and specialize in supplying 100% pure essential oils imported from around the world for our clients. We consistently maintain the highest standards in quality and purity of our private branded aromatherapy oils, as well as offer top quality aromatherapy related products which are all natural and environmentally friendly. We complement our aromatherapy oils and blends with a variety of relaxation products of high quality, unique design and perceived value to our clients. We are here to educate and expand both our customers' awareness and knowledge of aromatherapy and introduce them to a variety of holistic applications and natural products in the practice of aromatherapy and good health.

When you enter All About Tranquility you will be greeted by the "sounds" of beautiful music and running water designed to ease away any remaining tension with a feeling that touches a deep chord of harmony and balance. The beautiful meditative music will be available for purchase. The calming "sound" of the water is coming from water fountains, misters and other water elements for sale. The gentle sound of a wind chime will lead you to a variety of unique and soothing chimes for your browsing pleasure.

Aromatherapy will gently permeate the air and offer a renewed sense of wellbeing, featuring our unique oil burners, and diffusers. To enhance the aromatherapy "smells" section, there'll be herbal bath items, aromatic sprays, hand made herbal soaps and naturally scented candles.

The sense of "touch" is enhanced through the display of soft bath robes, cuddly blankets, cozy coverlets, inviting pillows, slippers and stuffed animals. This is a place where you "CAN" touch the merchandise. In fact, we encourage you to explore as you awaken all your senses!

You can choose from a wide variety of herbal teas and organically grown herbs that will delight your "taste" buds and warm your heart. And, feel free to sample the merchandise as you order your favorite herbal tea from our unique Tea Bar.

Take just a moment to gaze upon the "visual" splendor of sunlight through radiant crystals, study the beautiful nature photographs, and contemplate the aura surrounding the misting fountains and other water elements.

We are All About Tranquility and offering products that appeal to all of the senses is truly what we are about! The result is a shopping experience that is rewarding and satisfying. When you leave, you leave with peace and calm in your heart for having experienced the moment. And you will take away with you beautiful packages in decorative bags tied up with ribbon and sealed with the all important branding stickers. In each bag is a surprise gift, a sample of something for you to experience and be enticed enough to return and purchase again on your next visit to our website. The experience of visiting All About Tranquility will be one to remember with a smile - and a desire to experience it again and again.

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