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All About Tranquility is pleased to offer you a wide array of products formulated with pure (organic, whenever possible) essential oils. We take great pride in the quality of the essential oils we select for use in our products. Our established relationships with our suppliers gives us the highest confidence to offer you a product that we can be proud of and stand behind.

All About Tranquility's own Certified Aromatherapist, Linda Liebl, masterfully creates our blends for a wide variety of needs and personal interests. As examples, Ache Be Gone was formulated for those of us with aches and pains associated with sore muscles; Scents of Calm and Simply Lavender, formulated blends for relaxation and stress reduction, are offered in both a spray and lotion; And Pillows and Dreams, a lovely linen spray, was created to help quiet your mind, allowing the essential oils to ease you into a restful night of sleep. You will find many different exciting choices here for a variety of needs. You will even find some Refreshing Lemon-Mint Tooth Polish to keep your teeth in good condition in between dental visits.

Whatever your choices may be, we hope you find something here to create your own sense of tranquility and experience it in your daily life. If you haven't found what you are looking for we invite you to contact Linda. Your suggestion or need may just turn into her very next delightul and unique blend!

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We invite you to have a Lavender day and visit again soon!

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